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Ultrasound can visualize potential health problems and give you a chance to live a longer, healthier life.
Our tests are painless, non-invasive and affordable! You can schedule these tests individually:
or schedule all 6 and save up to $186!

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Ivan Diaz, M.D.
Proactive Care Medical Group, P.A.

“As a Primary Care physician,
I have dedicated years of practice to the education of patients in the importance of Preventive Medicine.

Among the leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease and strokes.

It is well known that high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes increase your risk of these causes of death.
Unfortunately, they are not recognized early because they typically will not cause symptoms and go undetected for years. Testing the damage done to your body caused by these and other conditions in a timely manner will help you prevent their deadly consequences.

Some limitations such as lack of insurance or insurance related problems should not stop those who are at risk from having these tests done. Certain facilities will provide access to some of these tests at a reasonable price. I encourage anyone interested to take advantage of these promotions as part of their journey to improve their health.”

- Ivan Diaz, M.D.
President, Proactive Care Medical Group, P.A.
Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine

5196 Mariner Boulevard
Spring Hill, Florida 34609

[!] Dr. Diaz is an independent family physician. He is NOT affiliated with Prevention Plus,, or any of our partners.



Always a courteous, friendly service!

1. We will greet you and sign you in.
Then you will be asked to fill out some paperwork. 
Please provide us with your name and address, and answer some health-related questions. This information is kept for our records and is never shared with any one, unless you specifically ask us to.

We will perform blood tests if you signed up for them.
Please fast 12 hours for cholesterol test. No other tests require fasting.

You will be escorted to a private room for the ultrasound test(s). Please wear lose clothing. Allow 30 minutes for 1-4 individual screenings or 1 hour for all 6 tests.

If at any time during the screening we find something potentially life threatening, we will advise you to seek medical attention immediately. 
Otherwise, please allow us 2 weeks to interpret the results and mail them to you along with films. (click here to view the sample)

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May 15, 2013:

A note to let you know that if I had not had a carotid test on 4/15/13 I would not have known of a 90% blockage on right side. Having surgery 5/23/13.
Thank you!!

Elaine Hoffs

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