A stroke happens either because of hemorrhaging in the brain or when blood supply to the brain is blocked due to a blood clot. Once it happens, the brain quickly loses its ability to function in the affected area. A stroke can cause permanent neurological damage or death.

Read more about different kinds of stroke, stroke risk factors, and what you can do to prevent it.

From our customers:

Permit me to express my appreciation for your efforts to engage in preventative medicine.
I saw your advertisement in the Gulfport paper and took advantage of your offer on the 28th of October. First, I wish to commend your staff persons, Tina Choquette and Janell Lemmer for their very professional service. They were cheerful, positive and very competent. I appreciated their efforts to be helpful and informative.
Second, your pre-examination forms are easy to read.

Thank you once again,
-Robert Kifffman, PhD