When my wife and I moved to Sebring over 5 years ago we had not found a doctor. We saw your ad and had all the screenings/bloodwork done. My wife learned she had an abdominal aneurysm. She also had difficulty with high blood pressure. Had she not gotten these screenings she, nor later our doctor, would never had known of this life threatening condition. She now is screened every 6 months and shares results with our doctor, which allows him to be more focused.

Frederick Cook

A note to let you know that if I had not had a carotid test on 4/15/13 I would not have known of a 90% blockage on right side. Having surgery 5/23/13.
Thank you!!

Elaine Hoffs

I have enjoyed taking the cholesterol tests with Prevention+ for some time..the staff is always friendly, helpful and most accommodating, which makes you look forward to keep coming back to check in for various screening availabilities for anyone who is Proactive in taking their healthcare needs to another level.

Annette Cockrell

My husband and I had our screening on Monday, April 5/10 with Tina . The experience is one that we would recommend to everyone. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that there is nothing unusual going on in your body. Tina was extremely kind, helpful and has a great sense of humor. I am busy promoting this testing to all I meet.
Thank you.

Gwen Jones, | Brandon

Thank you so much for making preventative medicine affordable. All of the test are much needed to all.
A special thank you to your staff, Tina Choquette and Janell Lemmer. What a pleasure to deal with
warm, friendly, informative people. If more people were like them we would have a better world to do business in.

Patricia Smith | Englewood, FL

In March 2008, I went in for a screening of my stomach, complaining of pain under my right rib. Even tho I complained to my physicians, they didn't suspect anything wrong. Right away into my test, Tina Choquette, found my gallbladder had sludge and other problems, which, after seeing a proctologist, was confirmed. Thanks to Tina's good eye, my gallbladder was taken out before it exploded. We've since gone back this year for further screening, Tina is an asset to the company, what with her personality and calming effects. Thank you Prevention Plus, but thank you Tina, even more.

Barbara Kirdy | Englewood, FL

Dear Prevention Plus, 
I would very much like to note that Elisa Beltran and Tina Choquette are a credit to your organization. The politeness and attention I received was superb, along with knowledge.

Mary Jan Upton | Lakes at Leesburg

Dear Prevention Plus, 
In February I saw an ad in my local paper about the screenings you offer and decided to go. I am so glad I did. The screening for my thyroid showed a nodule on the right side. I had it checked out with an Endocrinologist and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My prognosis is good because we found it when we did.
All I can say is thank you.

Leesa Lane

In June your group came to do a screening day at my Church. My stroke/carotid test proved not to be so good. When I took it to my doctor, she had me do another ultrasound at the hospital and immediately scheduled my carotid artery stint. My thanks is extremely inadequate. I am most grateful to you for the screening as I have not planned to have it done. It saved me from a stroke or possibly, death. 

Leah Pittard, | Lakeland, FL

I am writing to thank you for providing the community with routine Health Screening services. 
On August 22nd, I went to a screening that was provided by you and found out that I had Kidney disease from birth that I was never aware of all my 60 years!
My regular Dr. sent me to a specialist (Urologist) a for further testing
Thanks to the efficient work of technician, Tina Choquette, RDMS she speedily put a rush on the ultrasound test results.
The Dr. did confirm it is polycystic kidney disease.
Thank you again for making me aware of a condition that existed in my physiology.


Waltraud "Trudy" Spangler | Winter Haven, FL

Tina was great, made the time more relaxing by "talking" to me and I am sure she did so with everyone. ADDED PLUS-she would EXPLAIN things to me. She is a Keeper!

Esther Retker | Bradenton FL

Permit me to express my appreciation for your efforts to engage in preventative medicine.
I saw your advertisement in the Gulfport paper and took advantage of your offer on the 28th of October. First, I wish to commend your staff persons, Tina Choquette and Janell Lemmer for their very professional service. They were cheerful, positive and very competent. I appreciated their efforts to be helpful and informative.
Second, your pre-examination forms are easy to read.

Thank you once again,
-Robert Kifffman, PhD