Always a courteous, friendly service!

1. We will greet you and sign you in.
You will be asked to fill out some paperwork. Please provide us with your name and address, and answer some health-related questions. This information is kept for our records and is never shared with anyone, unless you specifically ask us to.

2. Next, we will perform blood tests if you signed up for them.
Please fast 12 hours for cholesterol test. No other tests require fasting.

3. You will be escorted to a private room for your ultrasound test(s). Please wear lose clothing. Allow 30 minutes for 1-4 individual screenings or 1 hour for all 6 tests.

4. If at any time during the screening we find something potentially life threatening, we will advise you to seek medical attention immediately.
Otherwise, please allow us 2 weeks to interpret the results and mail them to you along with films. (click here to view the sample)