Prevention Plus Stroke and Vascular Screening started in October of 1998, in a small Brandon office with only four employees. 

As preventive testing became more well-known and people realized the importance of early disease detection and prevention, our company grew.

Today, Prevention Plus Stroke and Vascular Screening operates three mobile teams out of store front office on Brandon Blvd. in Brandon, Florida.

Since 1998, our medical teams have screened over 600,000 persons and are sure to continue educating and prolonging the quality of life for those unknowingly at risk.

Always a courteous, friendly service!

1. We will greet you and sign you in.
You will be asked to fill out some paperwork. Please provide us with your name and address, and answer some health-related questions. This information is kept for our records and is never shared with anyone, unless you specifically ask us to.

Since 1998, we have conducted hundreds of thousands preventative screenings in Central Florida and Tampa Bay Metro Area.

The latest Doppler ultrasound technology and equipment afford us mobility and ability to travel to numerous locations, although we also offer appointments in our headquarters located in Brandon, Florida.